Re-love, Re-Style, ReVamp,Revive, a sustainable creative fashion recycling initiative

Offering a platform for all things pertaining to sustainable fashion Conscientious Clothing’s mission is to bring awareness and solutions to the ever increasing exploitation of third world workers,  in an attempt to divert your hard earned cash to those that deserve and earn it instead of those who perpetuate it. Our long term goal is to set up a network of micro enterprises supporting home sewn businesses,  paying artisans directly. I envisage workers finding a new sense of self fulfillment and pride in their craft as they recieve fair payment and appreciation for their skill.

In the process I also see women (and men too!) accessing a creativity not available to us before, imagine sketching a wardrobe of clothing in your favourite colours and most flattering styles and being able to deal directly with a dressmaker who becomes familiar with your body shape, has a perfectly fitting toile and sloper, and receives generous (by previous standards) compensation for their efforts. Investing in the life others and endeavouring to removing poverty from villages one family at a time will not only deliver new life for those who are currently exploited but will also open up opportunities for us to live globally and be a part of creating a better world.


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